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People have lived this way for 1000's of years


            Studies of native indigenous people around the world (people who have lived off the land for generations without electricity, without refrigeration, without commercial agriculture, and without pesticides and insecticides) showed that these people have lived primarily on perennials (plants that grow year after year without replanting) as opposed to annuals such as your typical grocery store vegetables (crops that you must replant each year). 


            Aside from living off perennial fruits and nuts, these indigenous people also lived on small animal proteins …In other words, people who have survived for generations, without the modern day comforts of a consumer society, have done so by eating fruits and nuts from the land, as well as small animals – (rabbits, birds, fish, etc.)


            In a future world where there is potentially no electricity, no refrigeration, no super markets, no seed stores, no fertilizers, no pesticides and no feed stores (for domestic farm animals), it makes sense to look at people who have managed to live successfully for generations without these “conveniences”.


            Furthermore, these people are simply “hunter/gatherers”- so instead of spending their time planting and tending crops, these people spend the majority of their time harvesting their food, without all the “work” that you would typically think of with traditional gardening. 


            These people don’t plant in rows, they don’t plant year after year, they don’t weed, they don’t fertilize, and they don’t water plants in order for the plants to survive long enough to bear fruit.


            Yet they have managed to survive for hundreds, if not thousands of years this way…


            If you keep this thought in mind while reading this book, you’ll understand that you can create your own “Garden of Eden”, which works with nature, instead of against it.  A garden that provides you with more and better food than you could ever imagine, with less work than any garden you have ever planted before.  And perhaps most important of all, your garden will be disguised to look like “nature”, so that no one would ever assume you had food planted there.

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